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Orange Whip Trainer
Orange Whip Trainer
  Thank you so much for all of the useful information. I purchased the Trainer and used it for about 10 minutes the first day and fifteen minutes before my round of golf on Sunday. Without any added effort on four holes on the course I play I blew past my previous longest drives with fantastic accuracy - and that's here in the northeast with the weather change the ball flying about 10% shorter. So 10% shorter and still blowing past my longest summer time drives which were not short to begin with. All this with a smooth tempo and beautiful balance. More accuracy with less effort with the irons as well. Love what it does for my transition. Clearly the best training aid I have used.

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  I Love my orange whip and am creating quite a stir whenever I use it on the range. I will be taking it to all of our LPGA Clinics so the orders should be escalating!


  Let me be one of many to say... Home Run. You got it. What a wonderful concept and it will give thousands of golfers out there a better edge for sure.

Greg M.