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Orange Whip Trainer
Orange Whip Trainer
  Probably the greatest deficiency I see in a very high percentage of players (versus tour players) is the lack of lag on the downswing - the early release of the power angles on the downswing - usually referred to as casting. Along with being the most common flaw, it is BY FAR the most challenging thing to get golfers to understand, feel, and improve the power and effectiveness in their downswing.

  I'm not a big fan of golf devices, especially those that are not used while hitting a golf ball. Most devices give a golfer a sensation, but rarely does that sensation transfer over when a golfer hits the ball in normal play. The other day one of the members at my club gave me a device called THE ORANGE WHIP. It's a long whippy shaft with a little orange ball on the end. I really like this device for a couple of reasons. First, because it's the shaft is long and the ball is a little weighted, it stretches me out a little and is a good warm up tool. Second, because the shaft is whippy it promotes a slight pause causing you to "wait" for the club, before starting the transition.

  With the device you'll experience a smoother rhythm with your swing and more lag on the downswing that you probably have ever experienced with a club in your hand. And if you can transfer that sensation over when hitting balls with a golf club, you will surely see a difference.

Joe Laurentino, PGA Professional Author of The Negotiable Golf Swing
Frequently Asked Questions - Orange Whip
1. Is the Orange Whip legal to carry in my golf bag during a competitive round of golf?
Yes, it is legal to carry your Orange Whip in your golf bag. It does not count as a golf club and does not affect the fourteen-club rule. However, using the Orange Whip during a stipulated round other than for stretching is not permitted (e.g., swinging the device). LINK to USGA Decision letter

2. Is there an Orange Whip that can be used to hit golf balls?
No, the Orange Whip is designed to teach the user to swing athletically without the anticipation of hitting the golf ball. This anticipation of hitting the golf ball typically creates tension. My experience as a successful teacher has taught me that the students who attempt to hit at the golf ball have a difficult time completing their swing and controlling the ball flight. The Orange Whip allows the user to make a complete, athletic, rhythmic golf swing that easily transfers to practice and play, thus, letting the golf ball to "just get in the away".

3. How do I decide which size to choose?
Height is the best indicator of which Orange Whip is best for you. For anyone 5'6" and taller, the Orange Whip Trainer (comparable to a driver) is best fit for you. For those 5"-5"6, the Orange Whip Golden's (comparable to mid to long iron; Ladies driver) your best choice. For those under 5" tall, the Orange Whip Hickory (comparable to a wedge; Junior's club) is the best one.

4. After ordering, when should I expect my Orange Whip to arrive?
You will receive two emails. The first will inform you that your order has been approved and processed. The second will inform you that your order has shipped and will include your order's tracking number. You should expect your order to be delivered approximately within 5 business days from the date your order was shipped.

5. What is your Product Warranty?
Each Orange Whip has a 60 Day Full Warranty if used properly. The Product Warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive twisting or bending of the shaft by hand or an outside force, nor neglect from the Orange Whip(s) being left or stored for an extended period of time in an environment above 100 degrees F. (for example, a car trunk, etc.)

If you have purchased your Orange Whip directly from our website or telephone service, please contact 1-877-505-9447 for a Return Service Shipping Label and Instructions. Your Orange Whip will be replaced at no additional cost.

If you have purchased your Orange Whip from a Retailer, Golf Shop or PGA Professional, please contact them for a replacement.

Money Back Guarantee
6. Money Back Guarantee
"You have nothing to lose but a bad swing"
The Orange Whip was designed to increase the distance and accuracy of your golf shots. Guaranteed.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product you can return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a refund of the purchase price. Shipping costs will not be refunded. Call 1-877-505-WHIP (9447) for more information.